Design your tickets

TicketMaker offers two methods of designing your tickets.

  1. Our free online design tool that allows you to create basic tickets (click here); or

  2. For more complex tickets and regular users, purchase Raffle Ticket Software   This software is available for immediate download and use, and is compatible with TicketMaker paper.  Available to buy online here. There is also a demo version download you can try first.

THEN... you are ready to print your own tickets!

Please remember rules and regulations apply in all Australian states and territories. For information about these goto

or check with your relevant authority.

Please Note  We are currently having problems with the online design system when using Internet Explorer. To work around this problem, download and install Mozilla Firefox from  as the design tool will work with this browser. Thank you for your patience with this while we remedy this situation.


Examples of tickets:




 Measurements of Single Tickets (not to scale)


Veiw of sheet of tickets

(not to scale)





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